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Clinical Studies

People with Sleep Apnea Live Longer on CPAP in Large, Late-Breaking ResMed-Supported ALASKA Study Presented at ERS

Continued PAP use linked to 39% higher chance of survival over a 3-year period


Covid-19: CPAP reduces need for invasive mechanical ventilation in patients requiring oxygen, study finds

CPAP reduced the need for invasive mechanical ventilation in adults admitted to hospital

| Source: thebmj


Treating sleep apnea with CPAP therapy is associated with lower risk of heart problems

Study suggests that treating sleep apnea is important for heart health



Nearly 1 Billion People Worldwide Have Sleep Apnea, International Sleep Experts Estimate

Researchers analyzed prevalence studies from 16 countries, together with data from the World Health Organization and United Nations World Population Prospects

| Source: businesswire


Effects of continuous positive airway pressure on depression and anxiety symptoms in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea

Results from the sleep apnoea cardiovascular Endpoint randomised trial and meta-analysis

| Source: EClinicalMedicine